A complete digital bank account. With it it is possible to receive and send money to any bank without paying fees or fees and paying bills
Acesso Bank aimed to create a digital bank with an onboarding process totally simple and fast, without fees, with the simple experience to allow anyone to be a customer.
I joined Acesso Bank as a product designer before to became the UX Lead. I supported design across every aspect of our business and am responsible for leading UX and UI across key parts of the application side of the platform. I've grown tremendously, some key achievements of which I have listed below:
Implemented a design process: This has helped our team establish more structure to how we conduct our work and allow other teams to gain visibility across our upcoming sprints.
Establishing a design kit: This has helped to maintain consistency in the look and feel across different parts of the platform.  
Establishing a design system:  This has helped the Engineering and Product teams to understand how and why we choose to implement certain components over others.
All these things was made thinking to create this new digital bank experience.
The process
It was based on the Double Diamond Theory and Lean UX process. We aimed to incorporate the key phases of Discovery, Definition, Ideation and Implementation in all of our projects.
I ran the steps below to gather all the information needed to the project
Stakeholder interviews: To get a deep understanding of project and goals.
Qualitative interviews: User Interviews (more than 30 users)
Personas: It was identified more than 6 types of personas based on the interviews
Affinity diagram: To find patterns with all the information I got
Co-creation sessions: Played with users and stakeholders to brainstorm and define an MVP priority
KPIs: Defined the business and UX KPIs of the project.
Wireframes: Everything I learned at the steps above so I tested it with more than 20 real users, different groups testing different functionalities 
High fidelity prototypes: Navigable prototypes with look and feel 
My research encompassed
Understanding the user goals and needs
Uncovering pain points with the existing user journey
Determining the success of the tasks measured
Gathering insights
After collecting the recordings from the user interviews, I conducted affinity mapping with my teammate to synthesise the pains identified. 

Some takeaways
Create a strategic plan to launch an MVP: This helps deal with out-of-scope requests that could potentially derail the project and helps deliver a quality product in time.

User testing doesn't end after development: Design is a constant iteration of improving the experience for the end user. Always find ways to collect and listen to your user's feedback.

Involve engineering upfront: This helps to reduce any rework later on as an understanding of the technical limitations upfront will help to inform your design strategy.


After 3 months of the release we've got 4.8 in Apple Store reviews
After 6 months we exceed the goal of new customers by 120% of what was planned
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