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"Marcos is a highly qualified professional, has an extensive repertoire and experience for the development and monitoring of products. Has the competence to act in all disciplines present in UX with quality. He has a great personal relationship and a great willingness to collaborate in the best way with the team. Marcos is a professional that I recommend for any Product / UX team that values quality and innovation."

Gustavo Yuzo Tanaka
UI/UX Designer at Grupo Fleury
"Marcos is a very experienced professional with a vision always focused on the client, caring about all the stages of the product development process, acting with a holistic view. Extremely up-to-date in market trends, UX's most current design technologies, and trends, I was able to learn, upgrade, and develop in my contact with it. He is an exemplary professional, very thorough and careful, and a person as right as he is professional. We work together in all stages of product design, from ideation to quality testing, with great synergy. Marcos will be a crucial player in any product development team."

Rafael Schencker
PMP | CSM | Product Specialist at Banco Itaú
"It is rare to find talents like Mark, and I had the opportunity to work with him at Thomson Reuters company, I have deep admiration for the quality of his work, he has an excellent interpersonal relationship, clear communication and always very kind. Marcos is a full-service UX professional with a great sense of information architecture, and with ease to understand the business you are working on, and turn that into creative ideas. Mark is innovative and highly resilient."

Cristiane Pirani
Product Manager at Thomson Reuters
"I had the pleasure of working for six years with Marcos. He is an extremely competent professional, focused on work, with incredible ideas, out of the box, in addition to captivating people, being always calm and willing to teach and/or discuss opinions. Marcos works very well as a team and is motivated in the most diverse project challenges. I, being Project Manager and him responsible for UX, he always responded to the project requests, on time and with excellence.
He is a fantastic professional, successful!!!"
Jaime Nakamura
Project Manager at Thomson Reuters
"Marcos is an excellent UX professional and an immensely talented designer!
He has an extremely critical view of UI solutions and always bases his decisions on the best user experience!
I was able to take advantage of a rich library of UI and UX standards that he built in the company we work for, allowing business analysts to make interface decisions based on the visual identity he created for systems!
I hope to have the opportunity to work together again!"
Caroline Barbosa
Product Owner at ACCERA
"In the time we worked together on Thomson Reuters, Marcos proved to be a professional with an initiative and a willingness to innovate well above average. With proper knowledge of UX, he became a benchmark for the entire IT team in Brazil and proactively maintained channels with other experts within Thomson Reuters Global."

Isidro Lires Dean
IT Head Audience & Consumer at Kantar
"I had the opportunity to work with Marcos Rocha at Thomson Reuters, where together we idealize different solutions and projects, having deep respect and admiration for the quality of their work, professionalism, and commitment.

Even without many details, he demonstrated the ability and experience to perform a beautiful UX design work, communicating appropriately and innovatively his ideas.

I highly recommend Marcos Rocha and would like to work with him in the future."

Victória Sanchez
Product Director at TaxWeb
"Marco is fantastic to work with on projects - highly capable, very informative and a team player. Marco always strives for the best solution; effectively balancing the clients needs and still offering flexibility and creativity to the designers."

Filipe Menossi
Product Owner at XP Investimentos
"Excellent professional, highly creative and dynamic. In everything I've worked with him, his focus has always been to seek out and do the best for projects in every respect and with high quality. Still flexible and open to conversations and discussions. It would be a pleasure to work with him on future projects."

Lorival Smolski Chapuis
Software Engineer at Conta Azul
"Fantastic professional. excellent commitment with the job andgreat quality with the deliveries. it is very easy to work with him,very helpful and very creative. He is the best designer/UX that Ialready worked."

Ricardo Paiva
CTO no Back4App
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